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Roofing costs have gotten out-of-hand! We started our company to offer quality roofs for fair prices. Just check our pricing against any other roofing company.

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$99/Month Financing | Fast. Fair. Financing For Everyone

Roofing Replacement

Do you need a new roof or simply a roof repair?

Roofing Maintenance

Maintaining your roof can save you from needing repairs or replacement.

Roofing Inspection

Roof repairs by experienced, licensed and insured roofers.

Roofing Restoration

Some roofs need to be replaced, some simply need to be restored. Call us.

Roofing Repair

Get your roof repaired by licensed quality roofers. For a great price!

Gutter Installation

Naturally, we also install gutters. They are part of your roof! Call us.

We’ve Been Roofing For Over 25 years

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Our dedication to delivering exceptional service is second to none.

Client Testimonials

Paul and his team is the only roofing company I'd recommend. If you need roof work of any kind, call Roof Guyz.

Dave Flanagan

Roof Guyz is an awesome company with great people.

Allan Fetters

When I first learned about Roof Guyz I was intrigued by their $99 per month special. After learning about it, I am so happy I contacted them. They did a great job and are a pleasure to work with.

Ingrid Laine

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